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Intensive Spanish courses in groups of no more than 8 students with focus on achieving a high level. Practice of daily vocabulary and cultural activities.
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Free spanish lessons

With Spanish Unlimited you be learning Spanish right from the very first moment. Our free Spanish Lessons, vocabulary games, Spanish jokes and Spanish word of the day are offered by Spanish Unlimited to help you learn Spanish for free at home.

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Spanish lesson of the week

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 Vocabulary games

Learn Spanish having fun at the same time.

Learning a language is not a matter of study only.

Get new vocabulary while playing to Wordsearch or Hangman in Spanish.


 Spanish Jokes

Enjoy LAUGHTING OUT LOUD with the Spanish Jokes that we have selected for you.

Every day you will have fun with a typical Spanish jokes.

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 Horoscope in Spanish

Wondering about what will happen today? Our Free daily horoscopes will let you to plan your day to have the best experiences learning Spanish.


Test your Spanish level

The Spanish Unlimited language test has 50 questions divided into 5 levels, from beginners to advanded.

Select the right answer in every sentence and click in the button at the bottom of the page, then you will see your score and the explanation to the wrong answers in Spanish.



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