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Escobilla (Léxico relacionado con el baño III)
(es-co-BI-lla) nombre femenino

English translation: Small broom
Etimología: Del latín <i>scopa</i>
1. Cepillo para limpiar. <br> 2. Escoba pequeña formada de cerdas o de alambre que se usa para limpiar.
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Spanish Culture

Is the Spanish language the language of happiness? Maybe not, but a study by Peter Dodds from the University of Vermont suggests that the Spanish language has a tendency to be employed with more positive connotations with respect to other languages. At the other end of the spectrum, Chinese was found to be the language with the least positive bias. He, along with his team of researchers, has spent the last ten years studying how common words in different languages can vary in their value as transmitters of positive or negative... [more]

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