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Word of the Day

Cometa (Léxico relacionado con la astronomía)
(co-ME-ta), sustantivo masculino

English translation: Comet
Etimología: Del latín cometa, del griego <i>kometes</i>
1.- (masc.) astro formado generalmente por un núcleo poco denso acompañado de una larga cola de materia muy difusa, que describe una órbita muy exc... [more] Word of the day

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Spanish Culture

A Traditional Percussion Instrument in Central America

A member of the percussion family, the marimba has a long history dating back to the African slaves that came to Mexico in the 17th Century. The marimba was originally constructed with planks of wood balanced over a hole to act as a resonator and played with sticks; nowadays it is of course rather more sophisticated with planks of wood resembling piano keys balanced on metal tubes as the resonators.

  • A traditional percussion instr... [more]
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