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Word of the Day

Mantilla (La Semana Santa II)
(man-TI-lla), sustantivo femenino singular

English translation: Shawl
Etimología: Diminutivo de <i>manto</i> y éste, a su vez, del latín <i>mantum</i>
Prenda de seda, blonda, lana u otro tejido, adornado a veces con tul o encaje, que usan las mujeres para cubrirse... [more] Word of the day

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Spanish Culture

Versión española abajo

The American cinema industry is experiencing times of change which Sean Penn reflected to a certain extent, during the Academy Awards Ceremony on 22nd February, when he said something along the lines of “Who gave this guy a green card?” referring to Alejandro González Iñárritu when he was about to award him the... [more]

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