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Thursday, October 18, 2012 (read 520 times)

Best Food Spots in Spain

by Dilek

The reasons why we travel differ: Study, work or just pure leisure, sometimes we can miss the important details during our stay in a foreign country. One of them is to taste the typical food. Now Spain offers you the best culinary spots in various locations.

Saborea Espana or Tasting Spain brings you all the information of the café or restaurants and offers affordable cuisine tours making it an extraordinary journey for gastronomes. The eating habits reveal the unknown of the country and for Spain culinary art is a ceremony. The long hours they spend sitting around the table, the cooking style, variety of ingredients and most importantly enjoying the food give shape to Spanish culture. If you are a total stranger to Spanish cuisine, here are some examples you need to try before you die.  

Tapas take part the majority of Spanish life style. At first came out of necessity to keep the stomach full while drinking a beer or wine now become a habitual thing to do in Spain. In these tours you will have a route of bars and restaurants to “have a bite of tapas”. Recently, they have announced “Día Mundial de la Tapa” that you can cherish all kinds of tapas in 22 destinations.

Paella, the famous Spanish food, which you can find in every location but in Valencia the amazing combination of flavors can knock you out. Either with sea food, red or white meat or if you are vegetarian with only vegetables, it won’t lose anything from its excellence. The city is proud of its 6 Michelin restaurants to serve the best examples of Mediterranean food.

Pamplona, the capital of Navarre, is the place for a great variety of pinchos and the first spot to taste vegetables like cardoon. One of the leading actors of Navarre cuisine is veal, with a good red wine the passion and excitement will give you a feast in your stomach.

Imagine grilled fish and vegetables along with cheese and gofio (typical bread made with flour or corn) and drinking a cold white wine while watching the sunset. You can live that unforgettable experience in Tenerife only where you can find some typical island food.

On 25th of October, The Plaza Mayor in Madrid will host the Iberian Ham Fair till the 4th of November which gives you plenty of time to go and explore the trademark of Spanish cuisine.

It is never too late to have a getaway break for yourself and Spain is a natural gem for gastronomy lovers. Come and taste Spain!

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