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Thursday, October 04, 2012 (read 573 times)

San Sebastian: Spanish Culture Back Up For Economy

by Dilek

Called “Donostia” in Euskera language, situaded in a wondrous location in the north of Spain, San Sebastian has stood up for “the shell of tourism and culture” for years.

Famous for its “Bahia de la Concha” (Shell Bay), the city charms and drags hundreds to enjoy the sun and sea. Its role does not include only being a touristic spot, more importantly San Sebastian is a city that backs up Spanish economy. In summer, you can catch several festivals – mostly about cinema and music- and be amazed by the hospitality and the delightful life style of the northern coast of Spain.

September is the time for hosting A-plus actors like Robert de Niro or Brad Pitt and get the chance to watch the movies of the most talented directors from all over the world in San Sebastian International Film Festival. Last week at  the home of the festival for 50 years, Kursaal Convention Centre (Palacio de Congresos-Auditorio Kursaal) the winners of the "Shells” were announced. The festival is important for Spain and Spanish speaking countries to distribute their movies and get a chance to be in an international platform in one of the most acknowledged film festival in the world. Although it was designed to promote movies in Spanish language, has become a prestigious European Film Festival in the following years. This year severe criticism on crisis and sharp comments about the decline of the financial support from the Government took a big part of the news in the festival area.

Being a small city does not prevent San Sebastian to host many of the international events, apart from the film festival there is another big event that brings a lot of jazz musicians. Known as Jazzaldia in Euskera language, is keeping alive the jazz music in beaches, streets and concert halls since 1960's.

Another good news is being selected as European Capital of Culture for 2016 which lets San Sebastian to open its doors to other cultures. It is obvious that cities which held that title before, have gained cultural development and social transformation. One of the benefits is to help the city to grow socio-economically and gains an international depth of image.

San Sebastian is a special place in many ways and seems to support Spanish economy for a very long time. It will be a privilege to go and see this place while the weather is still perfect that rarely goes down under 50°F (10°C) at all events.

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