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Thursday, November 22, 2012 (read 1278 times)

Understanding Spaniards and Spanish Customs

by Dilek

Like every country, Spain also has its own traditions and customs. Here are some tips that will help you learn Spanish culture and make your life easier during your visit.

Siesta: It is a common tradition in most of the Spanish speaking countries. As a foreigner it might be frustrating to see all the shops are close between 2 and 5 p.m. and it might not be easy to adapt the hours of meals. The breakfasts are usually light, and then they have lunch around 14.00 which can be a long activity and there spare time to have a little bit of “la siesta”.

Social life: Spaniards love to go outside. Maybe for tapas or for a cup of coffee no matter what the reason is they can join. After work or late hours before "really" going out, drinking a glass of wine or a cold caña as well as tapas with meat, jamon or queso is a typical Spanish manner. When the time comes to pay the bill, they prefer to pay in turns or share the total amount. It is a rare thing to see Spaniards paying separately.

Flamenco: The famous Spanish music form and to be more accurate it is the music of south. The heat of Andalusian people, the vibrations of the Spanish guitar and the touching sound of the singer take you to the land of love and passion.

Spaniards love to talk and generally express their opinions about everything yet their favorite topics are football, celebrities and illness. Greetings can be done with two kisses on the cheek or shaking hands (depends on the familiarity). While talking they can put a hand on your shoulder and don’t misunderstand that gesture. Spaniards get into physical contact very often and there is no bad intention behind that.

Taking a walk is an inevitable action in Spanish life.  People always dress well and walk slowly. Greeting and talking with acquaintances is an ordinary scene on Spanish streets. You might catch a few gazes observing you while you are passing by. Don’t get startled! It is a customary action and not accepted as a bad gesture.

If you are going to visit a house for the first time, the host will highly likely to show each room and explain several details about their general life. It is a nice gesture to bring a present may be something typical from your country or a bottle of wine will be appreciated.

You will embrace these traditions easily shortly after you start to spend time in Spain so why don't you come and experience yourself this Christmas!

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