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Friday, December 07, 2012 (read 885 times)

Summertime Christmas in Argentina

by Dilek

Christmas (la Navidad) is celebrated with Catholic traditions in Argentina considering it is a country of immigrants came from Europe; it is also possible to see the traces of Italian, German and other characteristics aside Spanish culture.

In December the preparations begin in the cities, the shops and the streets are lighted up, families decorate their houses with pine trees. The atmosphere is so joyful that Argentine people love all the traditions about Christmas. In some places few people go to churches for midnight mass yet still an important Argentinean tradition. On Christmas Eve, people come together with their families and friends to have a feast including typical food like Envueltas de Niños (baked or fried steak rolls filled with onions, hard-boiled eggs and spices) and pan dulce (cake with dried fruits). Cider and champagne are the favorite drinks on the table and people start to stuff themselves with snacks like turron (nougat),chestnut, fruits and cold served foods.   

The celebrations continue till the sun rises, meanwhile fireworks light up the sky all night long. Another tradition is to light balloons with fire which creates an amazing scene at night and make wishes for the future. The kids write letters to Santa Claus (in Spanish Papa Noel) about the presents they want and sing Christmas carols (villancicos).It is very common for kids to have a bath before going to bed but not until 12.00 to open their presents which are placed under the tree.

The capital city turns into a carnival in red and green. It is fun to check out the competition between shopping centers to have the biggest Christmas tree. In Plaza de Mayo (the main square of Buenos Aires) there is a decorated Christmas tree and last year there was an unfortunate event when it was burned down by some protesters against the government but it didn’t stop people lose their Christmas spirit and well being.

Since the temperature is around 30-32 °C (86-90 °F), it is not likely to see people with winter clothes as opposed to the typical Christmas image. This big difference to celebrate the Christmas in Argentina is maybe an advantage for those who don’t like cold. Families don’t miss this perfect timing to go on a picnic or enjoy the sun on the beach. Argentina is awaiting us to see whether the Christmas time with sun and surf is better than the freezing cold. ¡Feliz Navidad!

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