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Thursday, December 13, 2012 (read 1333 times)

What Spain has to offer

by Dilek

Spain is a well known country for its traditions, music, flamenco, being a pioneer in football, delicious tapas, outstanding olive oil and many more. Spain alone itself stands out as a brand and clearly be indentified with tourism.

The country is among the elite holiday destinations as well as other motivations like Camino de Santiago or language tourism. The data from the World Tourism Organization put Spain in third place of tourist arrivals, just behind France and the U.S., and the second in revenue that is increasing its market share each year. Spain's attraction as a tourist destination is not based only on geographical factors such as climate, the sea or the mountains but are also important factors such as the attitude of the Spanish, good communications, hospitality and cheap prices. The tourists who come to Spain not only receive sun and beach or satisfied with Mediterranean diet, they also get high quality service which is the proof of Spanish brand offers everything it promises.

Not only tourism is associated with Spain, it has the twelfth largest GDP, is the fifth largest exporter of services, sixth international investor, first infrastructure management, first in solar energy, second in wind, first in bio fuel production, first in olive oil (well above Italy), third in wine production, second in car manufacturing in Europe (after Germany). The brands like Zara, Mango or Massimo Dutti became worldwide known and representative of Spanish fashion. There is another important trademark of Spanish brand: Football. Hardly ever anyone heard of the prestigious and successful teams Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Spanish National Football team has become the dream team sweeping away all the trophies for the last few years.

It is also important to note that Spain is considered among the main destinations of foreign students. So taking as regards Erasmus grants, Spain received the most students in 2011, reaching a total of 37,432, according to data of European Commission. And as for graduate studies, the number of foreigners who have decided to complete their education in Spain is very high. This is due to the high quality of training provided by the various educational institutions, and the need to improve the Spanish language that it creates a significant competitive advantage, as it opens more possibilities for mobility in their work.

All the elements above bring to mind Spain which offers a rich culture, amazing history, preserved architecture, delicious food and full of entertainment. Come and let yourself go to a journey with unlimited Spanish.

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