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Wednesday, February 22, 2012 (read 655 times)

Barcelona City Information, Spain

by Jose

Barcelona, located on the northeastern coast of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, the city boasts a privileged position on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.  It is the second largest city in Spain, both in size and population and also the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. The city of Barcelona has a population of over 1.6 million people but if you include the surrounding areas, this number jumps to over 4.5 million.  

In the region of Catalonia and the city of Barcelona, there are two official languages: Catalan and Castilian Spanish.  

The Mediterranean city is vibrant and full of life. Visitors can take advantage of its location on the sea while learning about its rich history, traditions and cultural influences.

Barcelona has a documented history that dates back to the second century BC and would see spectacular growth towards the second half of the 19th century.  In 1888, this was recognized when Barcelona was the host of the World’s Fair, a symbol of the city’s international outlook.  Culture and art has flourished in Barcelona and all of Catalonia, exemplified by the spectacular works and famous artists who come from the region.

Barcelona is more than just a city, but rather a collection of multifaceted and diverse populations.  Explore the heart of Barcelona and you will discover a modern and bustling city with an intact Gothic historic center, featuring a maze of narrow streets that provide a stark contrast to the more grid-like layout of the rest of the city.  Throughout Barcelona this clash of the modern with the old is clearly evident and in even in the most modern areas you may spot decorative elements from long ago.

That is Barcelona, a city of contrasts: between Spain and Europe, the land and the sea, the old and the new… so much to discover!

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