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Monday, June 25, 2012 (read 719 times)

Tenerife: Beaches in Canary Islands

by Hannah

As one of the Spanish Canary Islands, Tenerife already boasts a beautiful, year-round climate and a fantastic nightlife. However, if the island’s culture wasn’t enough to attract its visitors, all over Tenerife, there are beaches to enjoy!

Since Tenerife is a volcanic Island (and home to the highest point in Spain, El Teide), the sand reflects the diverse geography here. While there are also beaches of golden sand (such as Playa de las Teresitasor Playa de la Tejita), Tenerife has other beaches with volcanic, darker sand (like Playa Socorro and Playa de las Arenas).  The Playa del Duque, Playa de las Vistas and the Playa  Fañabé all boast Blue Flag status. This prestigious distinction means that these beaches have the best water quality, cleanliness and eco-friendly attitude, giving you the best beach day out possible!

The black sand is formed by the cooling of molten lava in the sea, which forms basalt rock and over time is eroded into sand. This black sand is courser and heavier than its golden counterpart, so when gusts of wind come along, the sand is less like to blow around. Black sand is also easier to brush off after your day at the beach, but it does have some downsides/ Since the black sand retains heat a lot more, you’re less likely to burn your feet at the golden beaches!

Tenerife also enjoys a real variety of beaches; there are calmer coastlines that are more child friendly and great for some rest and relaxation. There’s even a nudist beach or two; if you want to keep your clothes on, avoid Playa Bollullo and Playa Las Gaviotas! Tourists and locals alike enjoy the beautiful beaches Tenerife has to offer.

Due to Tenerife’s vibrant tourism industry, most beaches will have restaurants, bars and shops nearby if not right on the beach. Some beaches are further off the beaten track, so what you gain in privacy, you’d lose in amenities. As Tenerife is an island, the local cuisine is rich with seafood and fresh vegetables; there are many fishing expeditions if you want to try and catch your own dinner!

Watersports are also very popular on Tenerife’s beaches; due to the geographical diversity of the island, there is a great variety of things to do in the water besides swimming. Tenerife is home to waves fit for surfing and body-boarding, and El Médano beach is even home to the kite-surfing World Championship. There are also secluded coves that are perfect for a scuba-dive; the beaches around Santa Cruz have shipwrecks perfect for exploring.

From up market, 5-star resorts backing onto pristine beaches, to chilled-out Bohemian stretches of black sand, Tenerife has beaches for everyone!

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