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Thursday, January 17, 2013 (read 827 times)

Paradores and Dream Holidays in Spain

by Dilek

Spain is considered to be among the top summer holiday destinations; yet there is something we overlook when daydreaming about spending our holidays in Spanish cities – that something is “Paradores”.

Paradores are luxury hotels situated in castles or historical buildings like monasteries. Paradores allow guests to enjoy history, culture and comfort all at the same time. Occasionally Paradores can be found situated in modern buildings. The concept of a Parador was founded when the government requested a hotel for travelers that would also contribute towards improving the image of the country. Marquis de la Vega Inclán constructed the first Parador on the mountain range known as the Sierra de Gredos located between Caceres, Avila, Madrid and Toledo. The location was opened for business in 1926. This inspired King Alfonso XIII to set up a chain of Paradores throughout the country. During the Civil War, most of the Paradores served as hospitals. Once the war was over however, Paradores began expanding at an accelerated rate. Today, there are 93 Paradores in service. They still maintain their high standards of luxury and making them an excellent choice for a romantic getaway or a family holiday with an educational twist.. Below is a list of some of the best Paradores in Spain.

Santiago de Compostela

Built in 1499, this hotel is considered to be the oldest in the world. Located next to the Cathedral, it used to be a hospital for pilgrims before it was converted to a Parador and a 5-star hotel.  

Cruz de Tejeda, Canary Islands

Located on a high cliff, 35 km away from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this particular Parador offers Spectacular ocean views best enjoyed from the terrace with an ice cold beverage.


Established by the Duke of Plasencia, this Parador is situated in the old part of town. Gothic architecture is a typically Spanish style and can be observed on the façade of this building.

Alarcon, Cuenca

This medieval fortress blends Islamic motifs with Christian architecture. Don’t be fooled by the simple exterior of this building as the interior is sure to take your breath away.  

La Granja, Segovia

Only 11 km away from Segovia, this hotel exemplifies baroque style minimalism. It has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Montferto de Lemos, Lugo

Encircled by typical Galician restaurants, this monastery turned Parador is the perfect choice for food lovers. The position of this Parador marks the highest point in the city.

Ronda, Malaga

Located next to the Puente Nuevo de Ronda, this Parador offers splendid views of the Guadalevín River. This Parador boasts an impressive backdrop of hills and mountains on top of which can be seen precariously positioned places to live, for which the city of Ronda is famed for.

Chinchón, Community of Madrid

The spacious rooms offered by this converted monastery offer comfort and tranquility to its guests. Everything you need for a soothing holiday can be found here, from welcoming staff to delicious local cuisine.

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