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Thursday, October 17, 2013 (read 1023 times)

Barcelona: Food

by Imogen

Barcelona is one of those cities where you can find any cuisine that you fancy. It has a fascinating gastronomic culture due to its location near the Mediterranean, as well as influences from other parts of the world. You can find food in Barcelona for all budgets, ranging from cheap to Michelin star.

Catalan Food

Catalan cuisine covers an array of different ingredients, relying on its natural resources. Fish and seafood plays an important part due to its location on the coast. Fresh vegetables are also easy to find on the menu, as is pork, normally in the form of a ración (portion) of ham. Notable dishes include :

Suquet de peix– a fish casserole

Pa ambtomàquet– bread with tomato, oil and garlic

Mar I Muntanyatranslating to sea and mountain, this dish involves seafood and meat

Embotits– the name given to a dish of all different pork products

Escalivada– a dish of grilled vegetables

Esqueixada– a cod salad

Cargols a la llauna – snails (due to its proximity to France)

CremaCatalana– a sort of flan; our idea of a crème caramel

Restaurants in Barcelona

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Barcelona. Here are just a few to tickle your fancy:

Restaurant Set Portes, as suggested by the name, is famous for its seven doors. This is a very old and famous restaurant in Barcelona, so if you want to enjoy some Mediterranean and Catalan food at the same time as being surrounded by history, then this is the place to go.

Restaurante AbaC is famous in Barcelona for its two Michelin stars. If you fancy treating yourself while in Barcelona, you can come here and taste some Catalan cuisine with a modern twist.

The House – Located in the central Eixample area of Barcelona, this restaurant offers a nice atmosphere, good food, and reasonable prices. Here you will find primarily Mediterranean dishes, along with tapas and other dishes from all over Spain.

La Taquería – An affordable Mexican restaurant in the center of town for if you fancy sampling some authentic Mexican street food.

La Malandrina – For a good steak, at a very good price, this is the place to come. Located very near to Barceloneta beach, here you will be able to pay 8 euros for a big slab of steak with the accompaniment of your choice, sauce and bread. This is a Uruguayan restaurant, which is extremely popular with the locals. It has an intimate and friendly atmosphere and is highly recommendable.

La Cerveseria Catalana – This is a very popular tapas bar in Barcelona which is always busy. It has a really bustling atmosphere and the food is great too!

(Note: many restaurants in Barcelona close on a Sunday and/or Monday)

Food Markets

There are two main food markets in Barcelona:

Mercat de Sant Josep, also known as La Boqueria is the most famous, due to its prime location just off La Rambla. It is worth wandering around just to take in all the smells and colors of all the produce! You will find everything from fruit and vegetable stores (where you can get fresh juices!) to fresh fish and meats, as well as sweet stores. As well as being a place to buy fresh ingredients, this is a big tourist attraction in Barcelona, so it is definitely worth checking out. (Open Monday-Saturday from 8.00am-20.30pm)

SantAntoni Market is in fact bigger than La Boqueria, but it doesn’t attract as many tourists. With a lovely little tapas bar in the middle, this market has a friendly atmosphere and is the perfect place for you to mix with the locals! It is located quite near to El Raval area, on Carrer Comte d’Urgell, and is open in the mornings and the evenings Monday to Saturday, and all day on Friday.

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