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Monday, February 25, 2013 (read 551 times)

Granada City

by Lauren

Granada is situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The reason that Granada was first inhabited is because the mountain range made it easy to defend from behind. The water in Granada comes from the ice-capped mountains and the rich soil in the Vega de Granada means that crops are always plentiful to feed everyone in the city.

Moorish Influence

There is still much influence from when the Moors ruled Spain, for example, more than a thousand Arabic words have totally integrated into the Spanish language such as “alcalde” meaning mayor, “alcazar” meaning palace and “aljedrez” meaning chess.

Weather in Granada

Granada gets very hot in the summertime (up to 40°C) but in the wintertime the mornings and evenings can be very chilly indeed. Granada has a dry heat as opposed to Barcelona which is very humid. It rarely rains in Granada, but when it does, it´s usually heavy.

Nightlife in Spain

As our nights in the UK might be drawing to a close around 1am, for the Spaniards the night is just beginning! The two best places to be on a night out in Granada are Pedro Alarcón which is particularly popular with the 18-22 age-groups. The area around the Plaza Nueva is more popular with people in their late twenties and early thirties. During the winter time, it is not uncommon to have bands playing in pubs and bars to provide an indoor activity for the local party goers. There are always posters around the city to notify people what is going.

Granada is actually quieter during the summer months than it is during the rest of the year. Many students go back to their home towns during the summer months. Many native “Granadinos” have “huertas” which are like holiday homes in the countryside which they escape too. Despite the depleted population in the summertime, Granada still has a buzzing nightlife. Like the rest of Spain, everything happens much later in the day here and that includes going out.

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