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Friday, February 08, 2013 (read 2049 times)

Where to See the Best Flamenco Shows in Spain

by Dilek

Flamenco is one of those typically Spanish traditions that visitors to Spain expect to see at some point during their trip. Flamenco is a genre of Spanish music which fuses song and dance with percussion instruments. The dancers themselves help keep the beat by tapping their feet. Nails are hammered into the soles of the dancers shoes prior to a performance to amplify the noise they make when they come into contact with the hardwood floor.

Flamenco: Intangible Cultural Heritage

Flamenco is included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage devised by UNESCO. The purpose of the list is to ensure each and every item is protected and respected on a worldwide level. It is important to note that Flamenco comes from Andalusia in the south rather than Spain as a whole. Many visitors, unaware of this fact, are under the false illusion that they can see Flamenco wherever they go in Spain. Although it’s true that good flamenco shows can be found in Madrid and Barcelona, if you are thinking about paying a visit to a tablao (a place where flamenco shows are performed), the original and the best venues can be found in southern Spain. Below is a list of Andalusian cities famous for Flamenco…


Seville has its very own music and dance genre known as Sevillanas. Song lyrics are based on country life, virgins, pilgrimages and love. Sevillanas are performed at The Seville April Fair. This is one week of festivities; the main themes of the party are flamenco and bullfighting. There are several types of venue where Flamenco can be seen. Perhaps the most famous one in Seville is The Tablao El Arenal in the center of Seville. It was declared the best flamenco show in Andalucía by the New York Times. There are various cozy café’s too where you can have a more personalized flamenco experience. The Flamenco Museum in Seville is the place to go if you are interested in learning more about the history and culture surrounding this age-old tradition.


The Sacromonte neighborhood of Granada is renowned for its “Gitanos” and authentic flamenco shows. Famously, the gypsies live in caves and sing and dance flamenco every night. Groups of people known as "peñas" come together in Albaicín (a district of present day Granada) to perform the Cante Jondo (the deepest, most serious form of Flamenco music).


Flamenco shows and master classes are available in the most southerly city in Europe, Malaga, located along the Costa del Sol. When you get tired of all that sun, sea and sand, take the time to learn the Spanish guitar or attend a dance workshop.


Cordoba is famous for two things: the Great Mosque and Flamenco. In summertime, there is an all-night festival called The White Flamenco Night that takes place all over the city. Stages are erected in many of the city’s squares and schedules of different flamenco performances are posted on billboards and phone boxes. In June, it is too hot to host something like this during the day so flamenco shows begin when the sun goes down and end when it comes back up.

Photo by: Lucia Pensache

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