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Thursday, August 15, 2013 (read 1497 times)

Nightlife in Salamanca - Spain

by Abigail

From chupitería to cervecería, latino to hip hop and Gaudí-inspired to university cloister designs, it is the sheer diversity of beverages, musical genres and club décor which makes the Salamantine nighttime scene so unique and appealing. However, appreciation of the nocturnal city is not only exclusive to the young; visitors can equally enjoy late-night tapas treats in the restaurants surrounding the beautifully illuminated and atmospheric Plaza Mayor.

Thanks to Spain’s love of a prolonged fiesta, and to the pleasant surprise of many tourists, Salamanca’s avid partygoers frequent the city’s nightclubs until 6 or 7 in the morning. Tourists fortunate enough to be in Salamanca from 8th - 21st September can additionally revel in the spectacular nighttime celebrations of the annual festival period.

Bars and Clubs in Salamanca

Although relatively small in size, Salamanca is certainly not limited when it comes to the number and range of bars and clubs on offer.Visitors can satisfy their taste buds with cocktails from Country, 1€ shots from La Chupitería, traditional Asturian cider from the sidra bars or colossal beers and mixed drinks from the popular litro bars. Moreover, Salamanca’s nightlife is, arguably, equally unrivalled in its musical variety and huge selection of themed interiors. Jazz, rock, pop, house and techno are but just some of the music choices to be enjoyed and there is even a bar, appropriately named Jacko’s, which solely dedicates itself to playing the internationally famous songs of the late King of Pop. As for themes, Salamanca’s bars and clubs transport their visitors underwater at nautical-themed bar, DeLaval Genovés, to a fairground world at carousel-themed bar, El Tío Vivo, and to the medieval era in the former convent of Camelot club. 

While Salamanca’s student crowd tend to hit the town from Thursday through to Saturday night, summer tourists need not worry that they’ll be missing out on the fun should they decide to go out on an alternative night; Salamanca, like any in Spain, is a city which never sleeps! Students and tourists alike can equally take advantage of free club entry, the multiple drink deals and the conveniently short walking distance from bar to club. For those tourists still confused as to why the Spanish mid-afternoon siesta is really necessary, the later going out times explains all. Tourists should be aware that bars only begin to fill up after midnight and clubs after 2am.

Nightlife in Spain

For those visitors looking for an utterly unique and truly Spanish nighttime experience, however, the events of Las Ferias de Salamanca in September will not disappoint. The annual festival showcases the talent of local bands, puts on theatrical performances, offers free live concerts in the Plaza Mayor and lights up the sky with mesmerizing firework displays.

Boasting excellent gastronomy, such a broad selection of bars and clubs and unforgettable nighttime festival celebrations, it’s no wonder that Salamantines exclaim that “Salamanca por la noche como ninguna” (At night there is no city like Salamanca!).

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