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Sorry! You did not pass the Elementary level.

You only answered 0 questions out of 10 correctly. You needed to answer 7 questions correctly in order to pass the test.


Question 1: (A) Voy a: The preposition "a" in Spanish indicates movement when used with verbs such as IR.

Question 2: (HE IDO) Past perfect is used instead of indefinite because the sentence refers to a period of time that has not yet ended (this year).

Question 3: (COMO) Conjunction showing cause. Using COMO at the beginning of the sentence introduces the cause. If were to put something after the cause then we would use "porque".

Question 4: (HABÍA) The imperfect tense is used because the statement refers to a description in the past. There is also reference to two parallel situations in the past which also requires the use of imperfect.

Question 5: (CUÁL) CUÁL + VERB is use to choose between things of the same type (one problema or another problem) whereas QUÉ + VERB is used to choose between things of different types.

Question 6: (TAN ___ COMO) Structure used to make comparisons. In Spanish TAN + ADJETIVE/ADVERB and COMO/TANTO COMO + VERB sentence structures are used.

Question 7: (PASÉ) Sentence structure: "PASAR EL TIEMPO BIEN/MAL". The verb is conjugated in past indefinite tense because it refers to a time period that has concluded in the past.

Question 8: (ENCONTRABA) Se usa el pretérito imperfecto porque responde a una descripción en el pasado, repetida y habitual.

Question 9: (VOLVERÉ) The future tense is used when speaking about something in the future.

Question 10: (VISITAD) Affirmative imperative tense is used here and conjugated to VOSOTROS. It is not used as an order but rather an invitation and/or suggestion. Here it forms part of the real hypothesis sentence structure: SI + present tense…+ affirmative imperative tense. (eg: If you can, then go).

Your current level is BEGINNER II.

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