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Sorry! You did not pass the Intermediate I level.

You only answered 0 questions out of 10 correctly. You needed to answer 8 questions correctly in order to pass the test.


Question 1: (HAYA) Present subjunctive form of the verb HABER. Sentences that contain expressions like "no es normal que" or "no puede ser que" require the use of subjunctive because they indicate that the speaker is complaining about something.

Question 2: (VUELVA) CUANDO is followed by subjunctive when referring to the future.

Question 3: (SE PONGA) Negative Imperative form of the verb PONERSE. Here it is conjugated in Usted. The use of "por favor" shows that the sentence is not an order but a rather a request.

Question 4: (GUSTARÍA) Conditional tense which requires the other verb in the sentence to appear in Past Imperfect Subjunctive because it expresses a desire that is unlikely to occur.

Question 5: (SEA) Subjunctive is used in sentences expressing a negative opinion such as "no creo que." However, a positive opinion such as "creo que" would be followed by indicative.

Question 6: (ANULARA) Indirect speech. This verb tense is used when you are repeating something someone said in the past if they said it in the present subjunctive or in the imperative tense.

Question 7: (HAYA) Present subjunctive of the verb HABER in impersonal form. This verb tense is required due to the sentence structure "Quiero que," representing a desire.

Question 8: (VAYAN) Aunque is followed by subjunctive when we do not have enough information about what we are speaking about. In all other cases, indicative is used.

Question 9: (POR) This preposition is used when referring to a specific period of time.

Question 10: (GANAS) This option refers to the sentence structure: "Tener ganas de + Infinitive/Subjunctive." It is used when something is wanted and can be translated to "I really feel like..." or "I want..."

Your current level is ELEMENTARY.

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