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Monday, December 31, 2012 (read 1126 times)

Places to see in Spain: La Valle de las Batuecas

by Lauren

The Valle de las Batuecas is a deep valley surrounded by mountains and forestland which the crystal waters of the River Batuecas flow through. This spectacular corner of the earth remained uninhabited for quite some time (due to superstitions about demons) before it was used by monks as a place of meditation and relaxation. It is a pleasant walk along the river bed although, at times, it may be necessary to jump from rock to rock.

Cave Paintings

One of the most fascinating elements of the Valle de las Batuecas is the cave paintings, some of which are estimated to be 4000 years old. These paintings can be found on either side of the River Batuecas and depict scenes including a diagram of a human figure and a series of vertical bars. Many of the paintings have deteriorated over the years so that they are either partially or entirely unrecognizable as what the artist originally intended.  What is still clear, though, is that the artist(s) used mainly red, black and white. The cave paintings are said to have strong symbolic content and many or the more highly-regarded works of art are protected from the public by metal fencing.

Lope De Vega

The Spanish Poet, Lope de Vega who wrote La Arcadia famously called the Valle de las Batuecas: “a place of perpetual happiness”. The great diversity of flora and fauna makes it easy to see why he thought this: driving across the valley one can see an abundance of trees including cherry, pine, chestnut and birch, not to mention many a wild roving mountain goat. 

A Trip Back In Time

The architecture in the Valle de las Batuecas has remained the same for many hundreds of years. In fact, it may be said that walking through any one of the mountain villages is like taking a trip back in time. The castles, plazas and churches never fail to disappoint in terms of stunning architectural design and La Alberca is no exception. Located in the south of the province of Salamanca, and1000 meters above sea level, the originality of the streets and houses of La Alberca is a “mustsee” for tourists who venture through the province of Salamanca.

Photo by Maymonides

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