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Friday, January 04, 2013 (read 534 times)

Spanish Winter Resorts New Year Offers

by Dilek

One of the best things about Spain is you can enjoy all kinds of sports, although generally the sea sports comes to mind, it is a good getaway spot for skiing as well.

New Year and snow associate with each other that in winter it is irresistible to ski or try new winter sports adding a little adventure like snowboarding. In Europe the main skiing stations are thought to be in Switzerland, Austria and France maybe yet Spain has several locations and the winter resorts are acknowledged to be more budget friendly. Mostly the stations are situated in the north where the Pyrenees lie from west to east forming the borderline between France and Spain, there are few in the center and in Andalusia. Spending a winter holiday in Spain will be a wise choice to start the New Year with your family or friends so why don’t you check these locations and have a nice Spanish winter holiday.

Sierra Nevada in Granada offers you an unforgettable ski experience though it is located in the south the weather conditions are quite available for winter sports. There are classes for all ages and provides skiing pistes for all levels. It will make you feel at home with its Andalusia hospitality and with its landscape.

Aragon Pyrenees have many skiing stations and winter resorts where you can enjoy the cold weather in a much cheaper way. Among other stations Candanchu and Cerler in Huesca are chosen to be the cheapest winter resorts in Spain.Formigal is a special location in Aragon region where it has the capacity of having 30000 skiers per hour.

Catalan Pyrenees have several options for you to choose, Baqueira Beret might be a bit top-notch location though it is worth to go and it is highly likely to see celebrities and athletes since it offers the high quality of skiing experience. Port Ainé and Espot Esqui are another good spots to perform winter sports which the thickness of snow can reach 110cm in these areas.   

Spain is full of unlimited offers for anytime during the year, take a break and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy winter in Spain!

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