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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 (read 777 times)

Granada: Sacromonte and Albaicin

by Lauren


The neighborhood of Sacromonte is situated in the Spanish city of Granada and is so called due Sacromonte Abbey which is located nearby. Every year, on the Sunday after the 1st February, there is a pilgrimage from Sacromonte to the Catacomb (underground cemetery) where the patron saint Cecilio is thought to be buried. According to legend, the catacomb contains the ashes of eleven other saints and as well as Cecilio and the oven in which they were all burnt to death.
Cecilio’s followers are thought to have written the Lead books of Sacramonte although it is unclear whether these are forgeries or not. Allegedly, they hid the books between a white and black stone. Nowadays, it is traditional for any girls that are of age who take part in the pilgrimage touch either the white or the black stone depending on whether they want to get married within the next year or not.

Large “Gitano” Community

Nowadays, the neighborhood of Sacromonte is home to a large community of Gitanos (gypsies). In the past, they lived in caves which they carved into the hillsides and practiced Flamenco dancing. Nowadays the population of Gitanos is reduced due to mass flooding which caused many of them to flee their homes. Today the area has transformed into a tourist attraction due to the Gitano Culture.

Albaicín: World Heritage Site

El Albaicín is a World Heritage Site due to the narrow winding streets and original houses that still remain from Spain’s Moorish past. It is a popular tourist destination given that it offers good views of the Alhambra – the Arabic name given to a 10th century construction situated in Granada which has been home to the various Kings of Granada for centuries. El Albaicín contains a variety of restaurants inspired my North African cuisine.

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