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Monday, March 25, 2013 (read 636 times)

The Granada Coast

by Lauren

The Granada Coast is distinguished by its quiet beaches with black sand. They are not as developed as the beaches along the coast of Malaga. There are several nice places to visit such as the whitewashed town of Salobrena which has two main beaches: La Playa de la Charca and La Playa de la Guardia. They are separated by a rock sticking out of the water known as “El Peon”.  

La Charca is the most popular with tourists given that it has a wide selection of eating places (known as chiringitos by the locals). There is a great deal of authentic Spanish cuisine on offer here too such as Paella and Sangria. La Guardia on the other hand stretches on for miles and is a much quieter place to be. There are only a few small restaurants here.

Dolphin Sightings

La Guardia is further away from the city centre meaning that it is much more peaceful. There have been some dolphin sightings off the coast of El Caleton which is a beautiful cove near the coast of Salobrena. There are lots of pretty villages on the way to the Coast of Granada. These can be reached most easily by taxi given that buses are quite irregular; although the fare is rather steep at around 100€ per ride!

Coastal Cuisine

Some of the villages along the way include: Guajar Faraguit, Guajar Fondon and Guajar Alto. All three are whitewashed villages surrounded by lush greenery. Whilst visiting the Granada Coast, there will be an opportunity to sample some typical coastal cuisine. Granada is famous for its squid and sardines. Also, for its potato casseroles, salted meats, pumpkin and spices. Arguably the coastal fruits are the best such as the mangoes and guavas. The apple tarts available on the Granada Coast are famously good. 

Photo by GraceKa

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