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Suggestions to write a Curriculum Vitae

The first thing you must remember is that a Curriculum Vitae is a serious document and not an experiment in surealist art. Would-be employers expect to find a CV written in a specific manner. They expect it to follow certain predetermined guideline, to be easy to read and organised logically. Following the advice and suggestions contained below will enable you to produce a professional CV simply and effectively.


Always produce a rought draft of your CV. Always use a typewriter or computer for the final draft.

Your CV should not exceed 2 pages in length and ideally it should be only one page.

Including a passport size photo is not obligitry but is advisable.

It should be presented in a clear, organised manner.

The character size (fount size) you choose is important. It should not be so big that it forces you to use more than 2 pages but it should not be so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it.

It is good practise to highlight the section headers in bold type and to leave extra spaces between paragraphs.

Keep the left and right margin equal.

Always spellcheck your CV. A CV that contains spelling errors is destined for the wastepaper basket!

Always use clear unambiguious words. Highly technical words may look impressive but are apt to confuse the reader.

Avoid complicated phrases. Simple phrases are always the best.

Never take things for granted. Explain everything in a clear and concise manner.

Never use abbrieviation unless is it absolutely unavoidable. It you have to use them always explain what they stand for.

Never sign your CV, it´s not required.

Always include a letter of introduction with your CV, especially if you are not delivering by hand.

There are certain phrases and expresions that, when used correctly, will increase the impact of your CV or letter of introduction.


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