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Write a Curriculum Vitae - Recommendations

The use of certain words and phrases can radically impove your chances of impressing a would-be employer. With this in mind, included below is a series of key words and phrases that, when used correctly, will help your CV stand out from the crowd. We have to remind you, however, that the truth is always the best option. The trick is to use phrases that make the truth attractive rather than phrases that change the truth. Don´t, however, be tempted to try and include all the words listed below in your CV: the trick is to be selective. And remember; concise and precise is always the best option.

Your description:

  • Autodisciplinado (Self-disciplined)
  • Persuasivo (Persuasive)
  • Autoconfianza (Self-confident)
  • Hábito de trabajo (Hard-worker)
  • Iniciativa propia (Can work from own iniciative)
  • Discreto (Discrete)
  • Eficiente (Efficent)
  • Receptivo (Receptive)
  • Metódico y organizado (Methodical and organised)
  • Preciso y cuidadoso (Careful and precise)
  • Ojo para los detalles (An eye for detail)
  • Con gran sentido de la lógica (Logical)
  • Capacidad para conectar con la gente (Teamworker)
  • Creativo (Creative)
  • Capacidad de dirección
  • Integridad (Integrity)
  • Forma analítica de pensar (Analitical in thought)
  • Gusto por la planificación (Good at planning)
  • Inspirar confianza (Inspires confidence)
  • Entusiasta (Enthusiastic)
  • Sentido común (Common sense)

Professional Area:

  • Aceleración de proyectos
  • Capacidad de liderazgo (Leadership qualities)
  • Reducción de costes (Cost reducer)
  • Orientación hacia resultados (Results orientated)
  • Programar (Programmed)
  • Simplificar (Simplify)
  • Incrementar (Increase)
  • Establecer prioridades (Prioritiser)
  • Adaptar (Adaptable)
  • Responsabilidad en el gasto (Cost oriented)
  • Habilidad en la gestión (Coordinator)
  • Supervisar directamente (Directly Supervise)
  • Respeto (Respectful)
  • Capacidad para tomar decisiones (Prepared to take decisions)
  • Eliminar situaciones problemáticas (Problem-solver)
  • Generar resultados a corto plazo (Capable of genrating short-term results)
  • Programación adecuada para...


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