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DELE Exam - Spanish Certificate DELE A1

Acknowledges sufficient liguistic competency to understand and use daily expressions which are frequently used in any Spanish speaking country, aimed at satisfying immediate needs. To be demonstrated in the following tests:

Reading comprehension

(45 minutes)

1. The candidate will answer, selecting the right response to the multiple choice questions with four posible answers. These will be based on informative texts.

2. The candidate must recognise names, words or phrases and grasp the general meaning of informative material or instructions. Furthermore, they will know how to extract specific information from an everyday text.

Written expression and interaction

(25 minutes)

The candidate must be able to write basic personal information, write simple phrases and sentences about their own identity or immediate surroundings and exchange polite messages, basic personal information etc.

Aural comprehension

(20 minutes)

The candidate will be given 4 tasks based on grasping general ideas or simple phrases, which are transmitted slowly and articulately. They must select the right responses.

Oral expression and interaction

(15 minutes)

The candidate must carry out 4 tasks in the 15 minutes of this test. In the first 2 tasks, the candidate will provide basic information about themselves. In tasks 3 and 4 they will have short conversations with the examiner, who will be cooperative and speak slowly and clearly. The candidate will carry out the tasks based on the graphic material given and according to the guidelines and instructions given by the examiner.