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DELE Exam - Spanish Certificate DELE B1

The B1 certificate recognises that the candidate has sufficient linguistic ability to cope in situations that require an elementary level of communication. The exam in order to obtain this certificate will consist of the following tests:

Reading comprehension

(40 minutes)

Two types of exercise:

a. The candidate will answer by selecting the right response to multiple choice questions based on informative texts.

b. The candidate will select information from a text, based on a series of questions.

Written expression

(40 minutes)

The test consists of writing short and simple texts of practical character, such as notes, announcements etc.

Aural comprehension

(30 minutes)

During this time the candidate must carry out 4 exercises based on simple dialogues or recordings. The candidate must select the right responses.

Grammar and vocabulary

(40 minutes)

Three types of exercise:

a. The candidate will link different phrases with corresponding situations.

b. The candidate will pick out, in various phrases, the words or expressions that are not right in the context.

c. The candidate will complete a text selecting the right options.

Oral expression

(10 minutes)

The candidate will receive, 10 minutes before starting the text, a short story in bullet points or comic strip and a file with the description of the situation that they must talk about during the exam.