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DELE Exam - Spanish Certificate DELE C2

Level C2 acknowledges that the candidate has the linguistic competence necessary to deal with situations that require an advanced usage of the Spanish language and a knowledge of the culture. The exam for obtaining this qualification consists of the following tests:

Reading comprehension

(60 minutes)

This test comprises 2 exercises:

a. The candidate must answer, by selecting the right responses, 9 multiple choice questions about 3 texts. The length of these texts will not be more than 800 words.

b. The candidate must link up to a maximum of 10 fragments of texts.

Written expression

(60 minutes)

The candidate must write two types of texts, each being between 150 and 200 words:

a. A letter referring to non-private topics.

b. A composition.

Aural comprehension

(45 minutes)

The candidate will answer 16 multiple choice questions about 4 oral texts (recordings). The recordings consist of conversations between two or more speakers, or commentaries or reports transmitted by the broadcast media.

Grammar and vocabulary

(60 minutes)

The candidate must carry out three types of exercise:

a. Incomplete text (20 spaces): The candidate must choose the best option of the three that are offered for each space.

b. Multiple choice exercise: the candidate will fill in the space with one of the possible options for each of the 35 phrases that make up the exercise.

c. The candidate will detect 5 grammatical errors in one or various short texts.

Oral expression

In the oral test for the official exams for the 'Superior' level DELE, the candidate must maintain a conversation with the examiner for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes.