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DELE Exam - Spanish Certificate DELE A2

This acknowledges that the candidate is capable of understanding daily phrases and expressions which are related to areas of experience that are particularly relevant to them (basic information about themselves and their family, shopping, places of interest, jobs, etc). This will be shown through the following tests:

Reading comprehension

(50 minutes)

1. The candidate will link texts with simple statements, such as rules, instructions or restaurant menus.

2. The candidate will answer multiple choice questions selecting the right answer from a choice of three, based on short texts.

3. The candidate will have to recognise names, words or phrases and grasp the general meaning of informative material or instructions.

Written expression and interaction

(50 minutes)

The candidate must:

1. Fill in forms with personal information in the appropriate way.

2. Write a letter relating to their own environment and daily topics.

3. Write a descriptive text or narrative based on some information that will be provided in the exam.

Aural comprehension

(25 minutes)

The candidate will be given five tasks based on grasping general ideas from simple statements, short radio extracts or phone conversations, which are slow and clearly articulated.

Oral expression and interaction

(15 minutes)

The candidate will have to carry out 4 tasks. In the first two they must provide basic information about practical aspects and experiences of their daily life. In task 3, they will participate in a short conversation and in task 4, in an informal conversation based on an invented situation.